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Here are some of the popular products we sell in bags and in bulk. Make Kamstra Landscaping & Garden Supplies your destination for home and garden supplies! We have a wide variety of products and services to meet all your gardening needs, whether you are just getting started or you have mastered gardening.
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Screened Topsoil

. Screened to remove large rocks, sod, etc. Use for reseeding, sodding, planters, raising grade of lawn.
  Unscreened Topsoil
. Fairly clean, but may have some rocks, sod, etc.
It can be used for fill, patching holes, base for gardens,
and planters.
  Triple Mix
. (1/3 soil, 1/3 peat loam, 1/3 manure)
Excellent garden soil!
  Topdressing Mix
. For reseeding existing lawns. (soil, peat loam)
Apply 1/2 " - 1" deep.
GRO-MAX Gro-Max Premium Garden Soil is formulated for maximal root growth with a blend of compost, aged bark fines, peat, sand and native topsoil. It is balanced for pH, water holding capacity and air porosity. You must fertilize regularly.
  Peat Loam
. Add to enrich garden soil, loosening clay soils.

Premium Compost

. Ideal for soil amendment. Apply to lawns and gardens.
. Composted over period of time – add to enrich garden
soil, cedar hedging loves manure!
. Use under patio stones, over interlocking bricks,
mortar mix.
. Base for all paving, retaining walls, mix with cement to make concrete.
  High Performance Bedding (HPB) . Versatile 1/4 stone product. Over 90% compacted without the need for compaction equipment and greatly reduces settling versus crushed stone and sand screening.
  Stone Screening
. Chips & dust - Free draining base for patios,
interlocking brick and retaining walls.
  Limestone Screening
. Surface for walkways, use for base material.
  3/8 Clear Limestone . 3/8 limestone gravel is crushed and free of sand. It makes a stable, finishing gravel for driveways and walkways, or even may be used as a base.
  3/4 Stone
. Use as a base where drainage is needed.
Use under decks or in trenches.
. Mixture of bark & ground wood (mostly pine)
Helps to retain moisture and controls weeds.
- Apply minimum 3” depth for best performance.
  Cedar Mulch
. Smells great, decomposes slowly and repels insects-
compatible with roses.
- Apply minimum 3” depth.
Red Mulch
. Made from recycled wood & dyed.
- very slow to decompose.
- Apply minimum 3” depth.
Black Mulch
. Made from recycled wood & dyed.
- very slow to decompose.
- Apply minimum 3” depth.




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