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Enjoy your plants with these simple easy steps…


• Water thoroughly every 2-3 days for first two weeks
• After 2 weeks, water once per week
• After 6 weeks, water occasionally
• Smaller plants may require more watering
• Depending on weather (rainfall), or time of year, it may or may not require watering
• Evergreen plants should be watered often before winter freezes in


• For good results, broadcast granular fertilizer around plants
– 1 handful per plant of general purpose 15-15-15 or organic fertilizer, every 2 years
• Perennials or weaker plants can be given a boost with liquid fertilizer
• Trees can be deep root fed by drilling 12” deep holes and filling in with tree spikes


• A yearly pruning will enhance the growth of shrubs
• Generally speaking, prune shrubs after flowering
• Remove spent flower heads on perennials
• Prune evergreens late June/July
• The best way is to maintain the natural shape of the plant is with lighter pruning
• Be careful not to remove too much new growth


• A 4” depth of mulch is required for best results
• Smaller plants will require less
• Freshen up appearance in the spring by loosening mulch with a rake or add a fresh layer of new mulch on top
• Be careful not to bury plants too deep in mulch.

Enjoy your plants!!

If you require any further assistance or advice, our professional staff will gladly assist you.