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Summer is a good time to apply mulch to cover your gardens. If done properly, it will save soil moisture, reduce weed growth and save the work of cultivating and edging on a regular basis. Mulch gives your gardens an attractive finished look.

Kamstra Landscaping and Garden Supplies carries 5 types of mulch – Ontario Blend Mulch, Cedar Mulch, Playground Mulch, and Black, Red or Brown Coloured Mulch. You will find descriptions and prices of these products in the ‘Price List’ section of the website.

It is important to properly prepare the garden areas before applying mulch. It is a good time to prune the plants, remove all the weeds by the roots. A new garden edge should be cut and cleaned deep so that a consistent depth of mulch comes right to the edge, preventing the grass from growing into the garden.

A minimum 3” depth of mulch should be applied evenly over the soil surface around plants, etc. 1 yard of mulch at 3″ depth will cover about 100 sq. ft. of area. At times, a 3” depth may partially bury some plants. A thinner depth may be necessary on smaller plants. It should also be pulled away from the trunks of trees so their bark does not rot.

Re-applying mulch may be required every year or two as it decomposes into soil or has become faded. A thin layer will only be required to get the full depth. Be careful not to get too deep to bury plants.

Plants grow well in mulch because of the moisture saved by evaporation. Perennials may not spread as well as they would in cultivated soil. Mulch may be applied any time of year and be equally effective. Once again, the key is preparation and enough depth of material to get the full benefit of mulching.

Happy Gardening!