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A few simple procedures can make the selection of a fresh, real tree easier:

  1. Determine where in your home you will display your tree. With this in mind, you will be able to tell how tall a tree you will need and whether all four sides must be suitable for display.
  2. Freshness is an important key when selecting your tree. The needles should be resilient. Take a hold of a branch about six inches from the tip, between your thumb and forefinger. Pull your hand toward you allowing the branch to slip through your fingers. Needles should adhere to the branch and not fall off into your hand.
  3. Bend a needle between your forefinger and thumb. The needle should form a “U” without breaking unless the tree is frozen.
  4. Lift the tree a couple of inches off the ground, then bring it down abruptly on the stump end. Older outside needles should not fall in substantial numbers. (Inside needles shed naturally every year).
  5. The tree should have a fragrance and a good green colour.
  6. A fresh tree will retain its moisture content and thereby keep its fragrance and needles if kept in a stand that has a good water-holding capacity.