Curbside Pickup & Bulk Delivery option

For all your garden needs this Spring, we’re here for you!

iiOUR GARDEN CENTRE & STORE IS OPEN  We are still accepting curbside pickup and bulk delivery options for those who are uncomfortable to browse around or cannot wear a mask.  Wearing a face mask is optional, we encourage hand sanitizing and physical distancing .  To read our latest policy updates regarding COVID-19, please click on Learn more button on the red bar above.

View our Products page for curbside pickup list.

View our Bulk Price List page for bulk pickup and bulk delivery.

Delivery is only valid for bulk items. Please call our office for product availability.

For curbside pickups, bulk deliveries or bulk pickups, please call our office line at 905-579-5571. You can arrange your pickup or delivery and prepay with MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit or E-transfer. We will email you the proof of purchase receipt.

We do require time to process your order, during our busy times up to 24 hours. We will call you when your order is ready. Please arrive at the arranged time.

Once you arrive, please contact us to confirm your arrival . 

Thank you for supporting our business. Your business is very much appreciated.

Stay Safe!